Reynen Court Partners with EmotionTrac to Expand eDiscovery Software Offerings

Reynen Court, the leader in bringing pre-vetted cloud-based legal technology solutions and eDiscovery software to law firms and legal departments worldwide, has partnered with EmotionTrac. EmotionTrac provides a groundbreaking AI-powered software platform that measures and analyzes emotional reactions to video content in real-time such as depositions or expert witness testimony.

EmotionTrac CEO Interviewed on the Grow Your Law Firm Podcast with Ken Hardison

Emotiontrac: The Latest “Must-Have” Software for Lawyers, with Aaron Itzkowitz

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Claim: Artificial Intelligence Could Level Playing Field for Big Law and Small Firm Litigators

The artificial intelligence-powered software utilizes facial detection through a mobile app to capture the visceral reactions of focus group participants in the blink of an eye.

Lawyers Leveraging AI For Trial Preparation Due to Growing Court Backlogs

With courts opening and backlogs growing, lawyers are leveraging Artificial Intelligence to move fast and prepare for their trials. EmotionTrac was recently awarded a patent for their Emotional Intelligence software that analyzes facial expressions, which is now helping attorneys with trial preparation.

Jinglz Subsidiary CampaignTester Signs 6-Time Emmy Winner To Test Content With EmotionTrac

The Florida-based AI tech startup, Jinglz, has signed an annual agreement with 6-time Emmy winner Gary Yordon, of The Zachary Group, to test the firm's new video content on their AI-powered platform at

Humor Happens! EmotionTrac’s Director of Insights Studies the Sentimental Science Behind Laughter

The Webster dictionary defines laughter as, “...the enactment of humor, turning a perception into an action.”

There are a plethora of humor types that make us crack-up, from slapstick comedy to dirty jokes to one-liners.

CampaignTester & Target Media Partner To Offer AI Powered Emotion Analysis Software

Two Powerhouses Collaborate to Bring Disruptive
AI Audience Insight Platform to the Market.

Emotion Analysis System Can Judge Witness Credibility

Ever wondered if a regular witness, or an expert witness, will be convincing, credible or engaging in court? Ever asked out loud if there was a test that showed how people responded on an emotional level to others involved in a court case?

Viewers React To AOC’s Presidential Nomination Of Bernie Sanders At The Democratic National Convention

Jinglz sentiment analysis illustrates why, when, and how so much confusion, surprise, and controversy erupted at this week’s 2020 Democratic National Convention

AI Emotion Analysis Would Have Predicted Responses to the Peloton Ad

Lost Stock Value & Holiday Sales Can Be Prevented by Testing Ads for Emotion Before Investing Millions in TV & Digital Campaigns

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