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Utilizing our AI platform, lawyers now have access to unique insights they can't find with traditional focus groups. Our team sends your recordings to a group of anonymous individuals while collecting key insights, using our virtual platform.

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AI Technology


The future of legal analytics is here.

Feel confident preparing for cases or winning new business with the help of our insights platform. Our AI system produces real-time emotional data from virtual focus groups. Then, our dashboard gives you the power to analyze and improve your case strategy across multiple dimensions all in one place.

Reporting made easy with TABS

Trust - How trustworthy does the audience find the case/witness to be?
Appeal - Does the audience find the case/individual likeable?
Believability - Does the audience believe the individual or the case?
Story - How emotionally invested is the audience to the narrative?

How It Works
AI Focus Group Analysis



Jinglz Subsidiary CampaignTester Signs 6-Time Emmy Winner To Test Content With EmotionTrac

The Florida-based AI tech startup, Jinglz, has signed an annual agreement with 6-time Emmy winner Gary Yordon, of The Zachary Group, to test the firm's new video content on their AI-powered platform at CampaignTester.com.

Humor Happens! EmotionTrac’s Director of Insights Studies the Sentimental Science Behind Laughter

The Webster dictionary defines laughter as, “...the enactment of humor, turning a perception into an action.”

There are a plethora of humor types that make us crack-up, from slapstick comedy to dirty jokes to one-liners.

CampaignTester & Target Media Partner To Offer AI Powered Emotion Analysis Software

Two Powerhouses Collaborate to Bring Disruptive
AI Audience Insight Platform to the Market.

Emotion Analysis System Can Judge Witness Credibility

Ever wondered if a regular witness, or an expert witness, will be convincing, credible or engaging in court? Ever asked out loud if there was a test that showed how people responded on an emotional level to others involved in a court case?

Viewers React To AOC’s Presidential Nomination Of Bernie Sanders At The Democratic National Convention

Jinglz sentiment analysis illustrates why, when, and how so much confusion, surprise, and controversy erupted at this week’s 2020 Democratic National Convention

AI Emotion Analysis Would Have Predicted Responses to the Peloton Ad

Lost Stock Value & Holiday Sales Can Be Prevented by Testing Ads for Emotion Before Investing Millions in TV & Digital Campaigns


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  4. Interview with Spencer Kuvin, The Attorney Who Predicted Epstein's DeathThu, 13 May 2021 13:00:00 -0400,
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  8. Episode 1 with America's Largest Injury Law FirmWed, 17 Feb 2021 10:00:00 -0500,

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The biggest cases...the best wins...

Lawyers go to battle every day in the courtroom for their clients. Do you ever wonder about their statement wins? The strategies they've implored? Their mindset?

Lawyers have an air of mystery and sophistication about them, and on "Latte with a Lawyer" you will get a peek behind the curtain into what makes these litigators so great.

So sit down, relax, and grab a Latte with a Lawyer.

Episode 8 - Andrew Finkelstein: Using Technology to Run 5 Law Firms

Andrew Finkelstein joins Jacob Wells and explains how technology helps him manage and maintain 5 law firms.

Episode 7 - Michael Rafi: Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

Michael Rafi joins Jacob Wells and talks about Fox News, problems and benefits that come with technological innovations, the future of law & more…

Episode 6 - Howard Schweitzer: The Twists And Turns In The Life Of A Lawyer

Howard Schweitzer joins Jacob and discusses how he got into law, what it takes to be successful, stories from working for the Bush administration & more...

Episode 5 - Spencer Kuvin: The Attorney Who Predicted Epstein's Death

Spencer Kuvin joins Jacob Wells and talks his life as a DJ, experience as an attorney in the Epstein case, the journey in defending a victim of Bill Cosby, advice to people who aspire to become a successful lawyer & more...

Episode 4 - Digital Marketing for Lawyers and Growing Your Firm

In our 4th episode, we are speaking with Seth Price, the founding member of Price Benowitz Law Firm and also CEO of BluShark Digital, a marketing agency that focuses on marketing for other law firms. He shares with us his unique thoughts on growing a law firm and marketing it to the public.

Episode 3 - The Evolution of Focus Group Science

In our third episode, we are speaking with focus group industry veteran, Shelli Garson. She shares with us her insights on how focus groups have evolved over time and what inspired her to enter the market research industry.

Episode 2 - Covid, Court Backlogs, And Litigating in Los Angeles

In this episode, we chatted with Beverly Hills trial attorney Delaney Miller, of Rafii & Associates, PC. Listen as he shares stories about the obstacles to civil litigation during the pandemic and how he's made use of remote technology to maximize success for his clients.

Episode 1 with America's Largest Injury Law Firm

In our first episode, we are speaking with Nick Panagakis, a partner and attorney at the Morgan & Morgan Law Firm. He shares with us how he uses EmotionTrac to drive success for his firm and also the challenges he is currently facing while practicing law during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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