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You Need Emotional Intelligence

Case Study: Truck Driver Negligence

Background: A car was stopped second in line at a traffic light off the highway ramp. The truck driver exiting the highway failed to stop. The truck rammed the idling vehicle and in turn that car smashed into the vehicle in front. The driver in the car who had received the direct impact from the truck sustained injuries which was paid by insurance. The injured ultimately required an additional surgery which the insurance company refused to pay. 

An attorney from the law firm, Rafii & Associates, utilized the EmotionTrac AI focus group platform to gain insights. It used their panel audience as a mock jury to determine valuation for his case before going to trial. 

EmotionTrac compiled photos, video, medical reports and other case materials and produced a short video story of the case to share with the panel (see video).  It was then delivered along with a post video survey to an audience audience composed of 100 men and women. After collecting the data through EmotionTrac’s mobile app, the results were telling. 

Objective: Determine the value of the case.


  • The mock jury was highly empathetic to the plaintiff.

  • The post video survey conducted returned a recommendation of a $1 million award.

Case study


The attorney, who had initially planned on taking the case to trial, was able to settle with opposing counsel during mediation for the sum of $1 million based on the insights delivered by the focus group results.